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               The Launching Pad Preschool had a GREAT first month of school!!!


Are you ready to blast off on new adventures in learning?


We at the Launching Pad  offer a program for children ages two to five years old. We will teach them through creative play and help them learn from exploration. The world around them can teach so much when we experience and discover. We want to nurture and help children become aware of their distinctive abilities and the fact they are special and one of a kind. We want to encourage self-confidence. We will use a child’s curiosity and energies to channel it into meaningful exploration and education.

We feel it is not only important to learn academics but to learn how to be healthy and safe, as they are all vital lessons that children will carry with them through adulthood.    It is always fun to get a lil messy! To explore and create fun master pieces and learn from our surroundings. We have posted a few recipes and ideas that are fun to do with your kiddos.
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